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Alkalina: Submission Rules

  1. Give yourself a name without equals in the whole universe; revel in its power, but hide it from others. Should you reveal it, your essence will be yours no longer.

  2. Never reveal the way you call yourself to the Editors, never use the same designation. If others call you with the same moniker twice, refuse politely. Any title, used more than once, could take the place of your Rightful Honorific.

  3. Never mention in a short story, mail or cover letter, Loec the Widehanded.

  4. Send your submission over mail, double spaced, in times 12 px. Add to the mail your contact info (given name. Chosen name. Nickname. Author pen name).

  5. If the submission is accepted, you will be called back by the Editorial Staff. If the Team Assigned to Editing asks for your Preferred way of Calling, don’t yield.

  6. The Editorial Coven of Alkalina cannot be held accountable for any souls lost during the submission process. The Enlightened Group of Reviewers of Alkalina assures you that revealing your name is an integral part of being published.

  7. Always remember: generosity is the highest form of obedience.

  8. Him whose Hands are Great is surely kind.

  9. Your Spiritual Ascendance is of the highest importance to the Collection of Like-minded Individuals of Alkalina. Trust them. Trust them. Trust them. Say your name. Trust them.

  10. Th̶e͟ bein̷g behi̶nd̸ it ̸all,̕ wh̷o҉sȩ ̸up̕p͞er͡ l̕im͠bs̨ a̸rè ̡dis͢p̀r̴o͞p̴o͏rti҉ona̵t͏e, wil͟l̵ c̀ar̵e̡ f̸ór̶ ̸y͡ou͜r ҉i̕n̛n̡ermoşt ͝s̴e҉l҉f̛.

(I'm an editor at For real. It's an indie literary mag in Italian. No, those are not really the submission rules. No, I'm not serving an Eldritch being. Yes, you can tell me your name. Yes, the amount of souls I've stolen up to this day is low.)

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