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Imaginative writer - in the sense he writes to imagine a way out of his responsibilities. M specializes in genre fiction in all formats: scifi, fantasy, new weird, horror and magical realism are his current best pics in a growing list of  favorites.


Goodreads: here

He published various short stories in his native language and in English (The western demon, Beyond words #10; Surviving Yesterday Best Look; Archive of the Odd #2; Die Metzgeray, All Worlds Wayfarer #14, Last Summer On Demon's Island, soon to be published).

Founder and editor at Alkalina. Also writes the Muse Support free Substack.


In 2022, he published "Reality and Contagion". In 2023, he published "Consultancy Blues". 


Currently working at a cyberpunk / new-weird novel, "All Neon Gods Dance".

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