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Reality and Contagion

The world has always been like this. Trust me, there is nothing to see here.

The fourteen short stories included in this collection are ordinary tales for normal humans. Nothing is off. They will try to tell you that some of the technologies described do not exist yet.
They will underline areas unknown to, or impossible for, modern science. They will point out weird, unspeakable beings haunting some passages. Lastly, they will insist that some vivid images are meant to be allegoric.

They are wrong. This is a normal book, filled with benign, not suspicious stories.

Reality and Contagion is a collection of fourteen high-concept short stories straight out of the author's imagination, packaged and ready for your mind's consumption.

Purchase the book and enjoy an interview with God, or an intimate conversation with Death. Prepare to travel to distant planets and observe a future where humanity is not quite whole. Witness a man spiraling into madness as the thing in the basement grows. Escape Sinnamara's sunlight and follow a melancholic search in Tokyo's gut-like metro tunnels.

From science fiction to horror, from magical realism to the new weird, this is the collection for true lovers of speculative fiction.

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